The Law Offices of Matthew F. Fox, P.C. is a general practice Firm with a focus on Family Law (including Divorce, Child Custody, Child Support, Spousal Support and Equitable Distribution), Social Security Disability, Juvenile Dependency and Delinquency, and Worker's Compensation.

Quality legal representation includes not only the effective and zealous representation of a client in Court, it must also include targeted experienced evaluation of the client's case which is then explained clearly and concisely to the client. Too many attorneys focus only upon the representation of their clients in Court. The evaluation of the case, and the legal counsel provided to the client, prior to ever ending up in Court is crucially important.

At The Law Offices of Matthew F. Fox, P.C., we focus upon providing that kind of legal counsel and case evaluation, thereby placing our clients in the best possible position at the very outset of their case. In many cases, we are able to negotiate amicable resolutions without the need to ever set foot in Court. However, rest assured, in the event that our clients are confronted with litigation, we provide vigorous and zealous representation that achieves results.